Hypnotherapy with Julia


One-on-one personal sessions are designed to help you effect the change you want in your life. Julia offers sessions from accessing memories to losing weight to smoking cessation to stress relief to past life regression to understanding recurring dreams.

Hypnosis Classes—Julia also teaches classes on how to use hypnosis to help yourself. Group hypnosis sessions are included as well as practical exercises to take home.

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Crystal Reiki Sessions

ReikiReiki energy enhanced with crystals provide warmth, kindness, and alignment for relaxation and physical health. An Intuitive Reading (see below) may be combined with a Crystal Reiki Session. Crystals, stones, sound, and visualizations are included.

Reiki (pronounced "Ray-key") is generally translated in Japanese as "Life-force." REI means spirit or universal source. KI means energy, force, or breath of life. 

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Intuitive Readings

crystalsThese sessions serve a double purpose. They include Reiki energy and an intuitive reading. Reiki energy brings warmth, kindness, and alignment to enhance bodily function. The use of crystals, stones, sound, visualizations, and intuitive reading are included. The intuitive reading brings insights about the situation, such as what is presently occurring or what has happened in the past, including past life information. Information is relayed briefly during the session and at length afterwards.

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Channeled JAM Sessions

Mother Mary

JAM refers to Julia, Athena, and Mother Mary. A JAM session is a live channeled session where Julia (the medium) allows Athena and Mary (Ascended Masters) to speak and interact with other people.

Channeling occurs when a medium (person in body) receives information from an invisible source such as an angel or Ascended Master. Channeled information is considered highly evolved, positive, and beneficial for the people involved.

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Moon Messages

Moon Messages

Julia receives messages from Ascended Masters Athena and Mary (and others) with each new and full moon and on special ocassions.

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